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Our Policies

Ensuring the Best Experience

At, we go out of our way to make sure our valued clients have the best experience possible, from the minute they enter our doors to the moment they leave our incomparable Hair Braids Salon. Please take a moment to review our policies to ensure you understand our operations procedures. If you have any questions, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Terms and Conditions

  1. There are absoultely NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES for sanitary purposes. 

  2. In Event of Inclement weather, you will be contacted to reschedule your appointment.

  3. You will be allowed one time to reschedule with the same deposit, after that deposit must be paid again.



Hair Sevices

1. All depoits must be paid prior to recieving any confirmations.
2. Final payments can be made via CASH, DEPIT/CREDIT, CASHAPP ZELLE, or PAYPAL.
3.All deposits are non-refundable & can only be transferred once with no less then 48 hours notice.
4.No Same Day Appointments. ​


  1. Hair Must be shampooed and blow dried as straiht as possible.

  2. If this is an issue there is an additonal charge of $10.00.

  3. If your fingers cannot go through it my comb cannot go through it.

Appointment Day

1. Please do not arrive more then 10 minutes before your appointment time.
(Do not come LATE!)
​2. No outside foods. Snacks will be available. 
3.Minors are allowed one guardian during services. No other children allowed. 
4. Deposits are non-refundable no matter the excuse. 
5. If your child is having a difficult time or refuses to sit back and/or hold their head down services will be stopped.
6.Please make sure child is well-rested before they arrive and prepared with device chargers and a face mask.


Privacy Policy

Clients consents to their picture being taken and used for portfolio & promotional purposes. 
Clients are allowed to cover their face, have their face blurred or digitally covered. 

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